Creating and controlling Automatrons

Creating automatrons (workers)

To create an automatron, simply click in the grid square that you would like to place the worker

Selecting a worker

To select a worker, click on the worker and they will highlight in red

Deselecting a worker

To select a worker, click on the worker and they will return to their normal colour

Drawing a path

With a worker selected, click on the worker or adjacent to the worker to add to their path

Note: You must always click on or adjacent to the last grid square added to the path, otherwise you will deselect your worker

Running the game

Press the space bar to start the game running. To stop the game running, click anywhere

Clearing the path

With a worker selected, press the c key to clear the path

Deleting a worker

With a worker selected, press the d key to delete the worker

Types of Worker

There are two main types of worker:

Reversed Workers

A reversed worker will go along its path and when it reaches the end, it will go back in the reverse direction

Note: All workers are reversed by default. To turn a worker into a reversed worker, select it and press the r key

Looped Workers

A looped worker will go along its path and when it reaches the end, it will go back along the path again starting from its original location

Creating a looped worker

To create a looped worker, draw a path that finished on or adjacent to the starting position of the worker, and press the l key

Note: When a worker is turned into a looper, the colour changes into navy blue

Note: If you keep drawing a path for the worker, if the end of the path is no longer on or adjacent to the start position then the worker will default to reversed

Moving packages

Packets (packages)

The aim of the game is to transmit (move) packets from their start position to their receiver (goal)

Moving multiple Packets (packages)

It is possible to move more that one packet at once

Getting packets to their receiver

If you get a packet to the corresponding receiver, it will be removed from the game


Package Spawning

A spawner will spawn a certain number of packages. You can tell where the package will spawn based on the position of the dot on the spawner itself

Note: This spawner spawned 5 boxes facing down

Package frequency

Every spawner will have a frequency for how often it spawns. This is based on how often your character moves

Note: The above spawner has a frequency of 3, meaning it spawns every 3 moves of your automatrons


The game will crash if one of two things happens:

  1. You push a package into a wall
  2. Two automatrons crash

Packages hitting a wall

If a package collides with a wall the game will immediately crash

Automatrons crashing

The game will also crash if two automatrons occupy the same grid square on the same tick

Fixing a crash

If the game crashes the background will turn red and the game will pause. To reset, press the space key

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Created by Billy Rebecchi for Global Game Jam 18